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Extend the features of your website with native functionality not possible on the web. There’s a reason more and more companies are creating apps to supplement their website, and that’s because native converts. Increase chair-fill time, and patient acquisition while decreasing no-shows with your cutting-edge app.

The solution? We can fix your website quickly and efficiently with

  • Cutting-edge marketing
  • Retain patients with the advanced dental health log
  • Decrease harmful no-shows with appointment reminders
  • Communicate with patients like you never have before
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iPhone Patient Booking Features

Dentists in the 16th century

They had it so easy didn’t they? Patients traveled from all over to see them because they were the only dentist, but now dentists are facing new challenges; how do I get new patients and retain them?

There’s a new way. The DWS Mobile Platform lets you have a daily touchpoint with your patients. Not a weekly, monthly, and definitely not a semi-annual touchpoint.

You can offer advanced features that let patients develop healthy dental hygiene habits with the Brush and Floss Tracker, and the Dental Health Diary. The Dental Health Diary allows patients to log any tooth/gum pains they have in-between visits giving you the power to properly treat them.

  • Advanced Dental Health Diary
  • Daily habit-forming tools
  • Send coupons to new or existing patients
  • Patients will receive appointment confirmations and reminders
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iPhone Patient Retention Features

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See what an app can do for you and your patients

Take your marketing to the next level with an advanced state-of-the-art mobile app

Create a stronger retention rate with patients. The daily habit forming tools will give you a daily touchpoint instead of a 6 month one.

Bring in new patients with pre-education features offering many call-to-action items to get patient in the chair.

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Dental WebSense is dedicated to making sure your online practice is bringing in new patients.

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